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All FBSC members enjoy daily access to the club’s facilities, including three swimming pools, café, clubhouse, and tennis and sand volleyball courts, between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day. Member children are additionally eligible to participate in the FSBC swim team, sign up for swim lessons, and receive discounted camp tuition. Outside of the summer months, members are welcome to attend regular club social events.

FSBC offers two types of membership: Voting/“Sustaining” and Non-Voting. Information on these memberships, as well as categories of membership (individual, dual, and family) within each type and how to join, renew, and convert your membership can be found below.

Please note that the each year’s annual rates are set in December of the previous year. Any membership invoices generated in advance will be adjusted accordingly. FSBC does not offer membership refunds.

FSBC offers discounts for individual or dual memberships for seniors aged 65 and older (30%) and full-time students (25%). To take advantage of the discount, both members of in a dual membership must qualify.

Membership Levels

Voting / “Sustaining” Membership

Voting members are important for the financial sustainment and leadership of the club. Individuals, couples, or families may become voting members for a cost of $1,155 per membership. This can be paid in lump sum upon joining/converting to a voting membership or in three annual installments of $385.00. Each year, voting members pay the voting annual dues, set by the board.

Benefits of a voting membership include:

  • Reduced annual dues and fees (if you anticipate being an FSBC member for 6+ years, being a voting member is the lower-cost option)

  • Priority rental and 20% discounts for club use

  • Voting rights in Fry’s Spring Beach Club, Inc.

  • Board eligibility

  • Participation in the stewardship and historic preservation of FSBC as a city green space and community asset


Non-Voting Membership

Non-Voting Members pay a one-time initiation fee of $281/family membership, $248/dual membership, and $184/individual membership. Each year, non-voting members pay the non-voting annual dues, set by the board.

Membership Categories

Individual: Any one adult over the age of 18.

Dual: Any two adults, or one adult and one child. These memberships are intended for couples (with no children), or a single parent and one child, in both cases living under one roof. Also includes two adults and infant(s) until the oldest child is aged 2 years.

Family: Any one or two parents (or step parents) and their children (up to age 22) living under the same roof. These memberships may include dependents. Divorced or separated individuals not living under the same roof, and with separate families or dependents, should obtain separate memberships, which may be individual, dual or family, depending on the circumstances.

You can find information on current year dues for each category here.

How to Join the FSBC Membership Waitlist/Become a New Member

Thank you for your interest in FSBC! Please read on for our process and policies.

If you are interested in a membership, we encourage you to register for our waitlist. We are no longer accepting new family or dual membership off the waitlist as of April 2024. However, if you would like to become a member in 2025, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. We are accepting individual memberships for 2024.

If you would like to be placed on the waitlist, you will need to register and pay $281 (family membership), $248 (dual membership), or $184 (individual membership) to secure a spot on the waiting list.

Waitlist fees are non-refundable though they will be applied to your membership fees (either the voting membership fee or the non-voting membership initiation fee) when you become a member. Then if you are a voting member, you pay the $1155 voting membership fee less the waitlist fee. If you are a non-voting member, your waitlist fee covers the full cost of the initiation fee. You are responsible for paying the annual dues for the year as well.

FSBC accepts and notifies new members via email in the spring of each year. If a spot becomes available for you and you are not ready to become a member, you may defer your membership and remain on the waitlist for up to one year.

Your place on the waitlist will be determined by the date and time when you register. Payment is required online to complete registration.

If you do not have the opportunity to become a member in the current year, you will remain on the waiting list until the following year or when space becomes available. Families and dual applicants generally spend less than a year on the waitlist; individuals are usually able to join quickly.

Please note that all memberships are conditional until approved by the FSBC Board of Directors or its designee.

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How to Put your FSBC Membership on Hold

If you are a current member and unable to join us for the upcoming summer, you have the option of putting your membership on hold for the year that you will be away. This will allow you to avoid paying the rejoining fee the following year and having to register for the waitlist before rejoining.

The cost to put a membership on hold is $130/individual; $190/dual; and $220/family membership. You may change your status and pay the hold fee by logging into your account online and changing your membership status. The deadline for putting your membership on hold for the year is May 1.

How to Move from a Non-voting to Voting membership

Thank you for considering this move. Voting members are crucial for financial sustainment and leadership of FSBC. In addition to supporting the club, voting members enjoy significantly lower annual dues. If you anticipate joining FSBC for 6+ years, it is financially wiser to join as a voting member.

In order to become a voting member you will need to pay either the $1,155 voting membership fee or the first installment of $385 along with your voting member annual dues by May 1, 2024. If you joined as a non-voting member in 2023 and paid the initiation/joining fee then, we will deduct the initiation fee cost from your voting member fee.

If you opt to become a voting member mid-season, after you have already paid your non-voting member annual dues, you will need to pay the voting member fee/installment of the voting member fee immediately. You will then be eligible for a partial refund of the difference between your annual non-voting membership dues and annual voting membership dues, the amount depending on when you make the conversion.

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