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Saturday, Apr 20 at 7:00 PM

Whoever said you only have one chance to be Prom King (or Queen) was lying.  So too those who told you corsages were for losers, Earth, Wind and Fire didn’t slap, or Icehouse wasn’t beer.  Liars, all of them.

We, however, at FSBC are not lying to you: On April 20th (4/20) we are hosting a 90’s (adult) Prom.  What is that, you ask?  Music, merriment, laughter, absurdity — yes, of course.  But in a word, the 90’s Prom is an opportunity.  You can, in fact go back in time to exorcise those demons or relive the glory days.  You can, in fact, dance the night away to all your favorite jams.  You can, in fact, become the FSBC Prom King or Queen.

So grab a date or come stag, find something marvelous to wear, convince your friends that this is actually a good idea, hydrate, do a little light stretching and hydrate some more, and join us for a night you will truly never forget.  Winter is almost over, love is in the air, and we are gonna test the stability of those ballroom floors.  It’s (adult) Prom, 2024.

Prom is for members and non-members. Adults only. The band is Brisk and they’re better than the band that played at your prom! They’ll be followed by DJ Flatline Lay and he’s better than the DJ from your prom! The ticket price includes an open bar (including top shelf liquor) which is also better than your prom.

FSBC Prom Ticket

Join us for FBSC Prom! This event is open to FSBC members and non-members. Ticket price includes an open bar (including top shelf liquor). 

1 Ticket - $42.00
2 Tickets - $84.00
3 Tickets - $126.00
4 Tickets - $168.00
5 Tickets - $210.00
6 Tickets - $252.00
7 Tickets - $294.00
8 Tickets - $336.00
9 Tickets - $378.00
10 Tickets - $420.00

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