FSBC 2024 Summer Employment Application


Thank you for your interest in working at FSBC!

Please complete this application to the best of your ability. If you have questions or need assistance, you can call 434-296-4181 or email fsbcdirector@frysspring.org. Please include your name and the position that you are applying for in your message.

All employees must be able to find transportation to the club. We are located at 2512 Jefferson Park Avenue, at the corner of Old Lynchburg Road and Jefferson Park Avenue, along CAT Route 4.

Criteria and descriptions for open staff positions are as follows:


Lifeguards are responsible for watching the pools and maintaining patron safety. They make sure that adults and children in the pools follow club rules. They are additionally responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of the pools and pool decks.  Lifeguards must be at least 15 years old and Red Cross certified. Lifeguards must be good team players, reliable, and hardworking.  FSBC Lifeguards start at $14/hour. FSBC provides free training and certification to all lifeguard employees.

Pool Managers

FSBC Managers are responsible for overseeing FBSC lifeguards and staff, ensuring that the pools are properly guarded and the pools, facilities and grounds are maintained and clean. They are responsible for the cleanliness of the pools and decks, including vacuuming. They are responsible for scheduling, evaluating, managing, and effectively utilizing the staff. They monitor the pool chemicals and supplies and manage pump room operations, immediately addressing any discrepancies or issues. . At especially busy times or when the club is understaffed, they are responsible for joining the lifeguard rotation and going on the stand.  Managers are additionally responsible for communicating club policies with members and addressing and resolving any issues that might arise on grounds. They report to the club Executive Director.

FSBC managers must Red Cross Lifeguard Certified, with prior lifeguarding experience. They must have graduated from high school. Mangers must demonstrate the ability to work well and communicate with others. Prior supervisory experience is helpful but not required. The successful manager will be a proactive, hard worker that is able to anticipate issues and address them before they arise. Managers should have some experience managing and monitoring pool chemicals and be prepared to undergo extensive training in this area.  FSBC Managers start at $16/hour.

Swim Coach

Swim Coaches must be lifeguard-certified if under 16. Applicants must also be good swimmers and active participants in the FSBC Swim Team, if they are 18 or under. They should enjoy working with and inspiring kids both in and out of the water! Junior swim coaches start at $11/hour.

Café Staff

FSBC is hiring caf√© staff, including cooks, bartenders, cashiers, and managers. The caf√© staff is responsible for preparing, cooking, ringing up, and distributing caf√© food, while keeping the kitchen clean. All staff must be at least 16 years old. Bartenders must be at least 18 years old.¬†¬†Bartenders and cashiers must have excellent customer service skills. All staff should be hardworking, reliable, and good team players.¬†¬†Cafe employees start at $11.50/hour and additionally share gratuity, which generally adds $1.50 ‚Äď $2.00/hour.

Camp Counselor

Camp counselors must be at least 15 years old or 14 years old with experience as FSBC Counselors-in-Training. They must love working with kids. FSBC Lifeguards and former CITs will be given preferential treatment in the hiring process. Junior camp counselors start at $11/hour.

Facilities Crew Member

FSBC is hiring its first facilities crew. Crew members are responsible for maintaining the grounds and building, including the patio, parking lot, café seating area, and bathrooms. They make sure that trash is picked up and trash cans do not overflow. They monitor the picnic tables and inside areas, cleaning on a regular basis. They make sure that the bathrooms are stocked with necessary supplies.

Facilities crew members must be at least 14 years old. This is a great opportunity for younger teens that would like some work experience. Shifts range from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. Facilities crew members report to FSBC managers.

Front Desk

This position is reserved for adults. Greet and check in members and their guests. Front Desk Attendants should be friendly and organized! This is a fun opportunity to meet FSBC Members.

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  Cafe Staff
  Facilities Crew
  Swim Coach
  Camp Counselor
  Front Desk Attendant

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After applying for a job at FSBC, you will need to attend a pre-interview training session, participate in an interview, and attend training and an orientation session with your fellow employees. Can you commit to this process? (Dates are still to be determined but we will do our best to be flexible and offer multiple options).


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