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Fry's Spring Next Century
About FSNC

Founded in 1921, Fry’s Spring Beach Club (FSBC) has been in operations for over a century. Generations of local children have grown up at the club, learning to swim, competing on the swim team, and even working at their first jobs. Families have come together year after year to enjoy the grounds, dance in the historic ballroom, listen to live music, and cool off in the pools.

As a forward-looking community organization in the 21st century, however, we are coming to terms with the club’s racist past and have enshrined these efforts in our plans for the club’s future. As FSBC moves into its second century of operations, we are committed to increasing the ethnic, racial, and socio-economic diversity of our membership and staff. We are actively working to address past inequities and to make FSBC a club that is representative of our community as a whole.

Fry’s Spring Next Century (FSNC) is a 501(c)(3) organized in 2020 by former FSBC Board President Melissa Henriksen to realize these goals of Fry’s Spring Beach Club and promote its values in the community.

FSNC’s mission is to raise funds, administer scholarships, and support the following FSBC initiatives, designed to expand recreational access and opportunities through FSBC to under-represented families in the community.


Membership Scholarships

FSNC aims to extend full membership scholarships to 10% of FSBC families each year. Many of these families come to us through a partnership with the Ben Hair-Just Swim for Life Foundation (BH-JSL). The majority of  children in the area from low-income families or minority groups cannot swim and feel uncomfortable around the water. The program’s first goal is to “waterproof” participants so that they are safe in the water.  FSBC welcomes program participants and their families to enjoy the grounds and pools during lessons.

Upon graduating from the BH-JSL program, many participants are eager to continue swimming. FSBC extends membership scholarships to these families, giving them full access to FSBC as well as a place on the swim team.

FSBC expands upon this scholarship program through work with additional community partners and local schools. We encourage members to nominate families for scholarships as well.

Our hope is that these children and their families grow up and thrive at the club and become a part of the community. Many of our members with scholarships have begun swim lessons here, not knowing how to swim, and have moved on to getting their first jobs as swim coaches, helping a new generation of kids learn to love the water.

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FSNC Board of Directors

President: Robin Wrightson

Secretary: Jenny Ragsdale

Treasurer: Bruce Gehle

At-Large: Lila Heymann


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Fry’s Spring Beach Club: 2512 Jefferson Park Avenue, Charlottesville, VA 22903  |  Contact Us

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